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The retail area is the feather in Josas’ cap and our major area of specialisation, dedicated to all those who own and/or wish to sell or purchase commercial property, whether it is located within an urban area or in a shopping mall.

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we make available all our know-how to:

  • Property owners, in other words owners of real-estate assets who wish to market their property;
  • Companies, in other words businesses of any size which invest in the opening of one or more sales outlets spread around the area;
  • Investors, in other words those who wish to capitalise on the sale of property and make a profit.



We increase the performance of your brand, accompanying you in its development


We take care of the strategic management of your real-estate portfolio

In the initial retail consultancy phase, Josas will carry out a valuation of the property for its owners in order to define the real market value, before moving on to look at the comparables. In the second phase, our consultants proceed to look for and select the ideal client, starting with our extensive network of verified contacts. Once the ideal client has been identified, we move on to the commercial phase, through to drawing up of the sale documents.


We increase the performance of your brand, accompanying you in its development

Josas offers tailor-made consultancy and services for brands and companies of all sizes. Our method is based on extensive knowledge of the real-estate market, with the goal of increasing the value of the client’s assets or business. To this end, we support companies in expanding their brands both as regards the investment philosophy and in terms of the phases of the expansion plan: from market and competitor analysis to management of negotiations from start to finish, without ever losing sight of the risks and rewards of the client’s investments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a company, an investor or a private individual? Here you will find a series of answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. Our goal is to explain who we are, what we do and how we work

Have a store and want to change premises or revise the lease?

We help you identify the best conditions for running your business:

  • we constantly monitor, at local and global levels, commercial structures, urban centers and the overall real estate market;;
  • we analyze location and store ergonomics in relation to product sector;
  • we calculate the benefits from renegotiation, relocation, leasing and/or sale;
  • we identify potential upgrades related to multiple operations: from reduction of store space to location transfer;
  • we support owners during the renewal or renegotiation of existing contracts and the negotiation of new leases until transactions are closed;
  • we provide crucial data regarding the sales space: development objectives, signage positioning, size suitability for the activity performed, target and type of customers, reachability, window displays, purchasing routes, and affinity or interference with competitors or products.
Are you a store owner searching for a brand that’s right for you?

We help owners make effective decisions based on merchandise, budget and attitude:

  • we analyze retail goals;
  • we carry out benchmark studies, analyzing leading brands within a chosen sector and develop a commercial formula that matches business objectives with market demand;
  • we propose established brands with guaranteed revenues;
  • we support owners in contract management and facilitate contact with brands.
Do you want to increase your company’s performance?
  • We help our clients develop their company’s real-estate portfolio, ensuring efficiency through planned and measurable actions:
  • We evaluate your brand’s existing network;
  • We create customised development programmes, designed to strengthen the existing network and identify new points of sale with high profitability;
  • We map out the concrete opportunities in the area;
  • We plan out your brand’s expansion in existing and upcoming commercial channels;
  • We offer a relocation service to companies who have reached their first critical mass, involving sale or disposal of non-strategic points of sale and the opening of new, refurbished and more profitable structures;
  • We offer support in renewal or renegotiation of existing contracts, in termination of rental contracts and in all types of real-estate brokerage, right through to closing out the transactions.
Do you want to sell or purchase commercial real estate for investment purposes?

We develop customised sale/purchase strategies on the basis of the different types of property and product categories:

  • We have an unrivalled network of reliable clients to offer you;
  • We offer accurate, trustworthy and reliable real-estate valuations by product category;
  • We offer an exclusive database of continuously updated market data;
  • We provide support for short-, medium- or long-term investment goals, selecting the best opportunities for you from all types of retail assets;
  • We support the entire transaction cycle;
  • We maximise results while minimising risks, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector.
Want to dispose of a brand selling point?

We help you identify the optimal conditions for the disposal of stores:

  • An unparalleled database and long term client relationships allows us to identify companies that may be interested in your business premises;
  • we organize and manage store inspections;
  • we obtain all technical documentation;
  • we arrange advantageous terms for both parties and manage contract negotiations until settlement.
Are you looking for the right location for your company in a foreign city?

A constant presence, flexibility and fast reactions are the characteristics which set us apart, allowing us to provide you with a complete strategic consultancy service for the development of your brand:

  • Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market, we are able to establish the flows in each commercial channel and assess interactions with the competing commercial hubs. For this reason, numerous large brands have already chosen us to guide and support their development programmes;
  • We analyse the supply, demand and positioning of each brand, and conduct qualitative/quantitative surveys with the goal of obtaining in-depth knowledge of the brand, its reference market and potential customers in order to identify the most suitable locations;
  • We select the ideal positions in city centres, shopping malls, stand-alone and temporary stores, retail parks and outlet centres, stations and airports;
  • We develop projects for retail – direct or franchised – supplying benchmark analyses, format and feasibility studies, and planning the brand’s real-estate development;
  • We handle all technical and administrative documentation required, providing complete support on contractual matters;
  • We manage sale and rental negotiations on behalf of your company.
Would you like to make your property into a business and get the most from your commercial real estate?

We negotiate the best sale/lease terms, saving you time and money:

  • We study the market carefully and define the negotiation strategy;
  • We analyse the opportunities, identify and evaluate all preliminary proposals;
  • We find all types of information on the property for you, along with all technical documentation;
  • We support you in all phases of sale or lease negotiations with the company contact persons.