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Josas was founded in 2013 with the merger of Astrologo Immobiliare and Jo&Sac, and the desire of three experts in the commercial real-estate sector to found a solid and innovative company which would serve as a benchmark for brands, businesses and retailers. Fabrizio Astrologo, Raffaele Rubin and Avner Gabriel Sasson indeed boast decades of experience in the sector, a factor which drove them to come together to create a new enterprise based on the union of precious skills: this is precisely the added value which formed the foundations for a high-quality company which would dedicate itself every day to its clients, to strategies for increasing their business, and guaranteeing the success of their projects and activities.

What we do

Our mission

Josas provides an all-round consultancy service to property owners and companies in search of the perfect location for their businesses, assisting clients every step of the way and providing them with complete support in meeting specific goals. Moreover, the company is always focused on providing solid, continuous support to its clients, standing beside them both during the expansion and consolidation phases of their business.


Since 2013 we have grown alongside our core business, succeeding in meeting major goals and milestones. We started off in 2014 from our first premises in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome, expanding our brokerage activities throughout Italy, before the purchase of international contracts and consultancies in 2018 which led the company to become a partner of The International Retail Network. We now occupy new premises in the heart of Rome, ready to take on clients as well as grow further in the retail, office and shopping mall sectors.


The knowledge, experience and quality of the services we offer are built on principles which apply both to the company and to the clients we represent. Transparency, integrity and respect are the core values we are based on and around which our professionalism and expertise revolve. Dedication, focus, commitment and enthusiasm are the other elements with which we build our growth path each and every day.


We provide our clients with multi-specialist skills and expertise, which are continuously updated to ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered. Our transverse knowledge of the real-estate business, combined with thorough knowledge of the local area and consolidated experience in the sector, are the formulae which have always ensured satisfaction of our clients.

About us

Our founders

Three partners with different backgrounds but a single goal – to satisfy all client requirements and guarantee them a personalised, unique service focused on the specific nature of their business.