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Josas’ Offices, Logistics and Industrial department is dedicated to those who want to:

• Invest in or lease offices or space in the industrial and logistics sector

• Obtain the best performance from their real-estate portfolio.

We perform a genuine centralisation of the supply and demand in order to eliminate all the drawbacks of direct marketing. We accompany our clients throughout all phases in order to achieve the result which best meets the requirements of the interested parties.




When searching for and leasing/purchasing space, our activity consists of providing support to the facility management, or else directly to the entrepreneur (for small businesses), supporting them in the purchase, administration, finance and control departments. The need to take real-estate decisions (sale, leasing, renegotiating expiring or overly expensive contracts, transfer of premises, expansion or reduction of space) involves two prerequisites: a goal pursued by the client, and a plurality of alternatives through which to achieve it. La necessità di assumere decisioni di natura immobiliare (compravendita, locazione, rinegoziazione di un contratto in scadenza o troppo oneroso, trasferimento di sede, ampliamento o riduzione di spazi) implica il verificarsi di due condizioni preliminari: un obiettivo perseguito dal cliente ed una pluralità di alternative attraverso cui conseguirlo. Infine, il nostro dipartimento Uffici, Industriale e Logistica viene coinvolto nel processo decisionale del cliente. Finally, our Offices, Logistics and Industrial department is involved in the client’s decision-making process.

Property Owners

When the client is the owner, our activity consists of adding value to the asset, with a particular focus on the cost-volumes-prices-profits ratio and the foreseeability of market phenomena. Adding value, that is providing monetary value to the property, thus turning it into a positive cashflow.


We guide investors to discovering new operations or those undergoing enhancement of value. We proceed by segmenting the market, defining the target market and positioning of the property, then formulating a competitive position for it, as well as a detailed marketing mix, combining the available variables (property, sale/rental price, promotion and distribution). We pay particular attention to determining the sale/rental price: our contribution aims to fall within the client’s value chain.