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We also offer specialised consultancy and brokerage for the development and growth of brands in shopping malls, retail parks and outlet villages. Through an integrated global approach and a specialised team, we are able to guarantee support to clients throughout all negotiation phases.


Shopping Malls


For companies interested in opening and operating in a shopping centre or expanding in this area, we provide for the following:

• Client analysis to understand their market positioning, their format and their regional coverage requirements;
• Profitability analysis of the chosen shopping centre, retail park or outlet village;
• Support in finding the best unit within the shopping centre through in-depth knowledge of the site and site visits;
• In-depth analysis of the financial conditions requested by the owner and direct support in negotiating with them;
• Support and negotiation of the contractual conditions, as well as attaining or drafting the documentation for negotiations or start-up of the activity;
• Support also for renegotiation of contracts in default signed by our clients.


We support owners by:

• Valuating the premises with the goal of defining the real market value, sharing with them definitions of the valuations of the individual units of the shopping centre;
• Defining a suitable merchandising mix for the centre in order to ensure the best market performance;
• Search for the ideal client through our network of contacts via a dedicated database;
• Support for the client in the various steps relating to the commercial part, providing them with all necessary support.