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Josas supports companies in the expansion of their brand and in their search for the most suitable premises for expanding their activities throughout Italy and Europe. We do so taking into account of the continuous transformations the market is subject to, its evolution due to new trends and changes which can arise regarding the contextual conditions and the sector of reference of the company itself.

Our goal is to provide a precise analysis of the market and consumer needs to our clients, and on this basis identify the ideal solution in the shortest possible time.

On the strength of our experience standing alongside major brands and companies, we support businesses also as regards their investment philosophy, the preparation of their business plan and their growth and development prospects: our consultants guarantee constant support to the client, accompanying them through all phases of negotiations in order to balance the risks and rewards of the investment.

Josas for companies

Are you looking for commercial property?

If the answer is yes, you should know that our consultancy services for companies in search of property involve five different phases:

01 Client Analysis

To understand the positioning of the client’s business and the potential developments of its brand

02 Market Analysis

To identify the main competitors, their positioning, their operating methods and the results achieved.

03 Flow Analysis

To evaluate the user base from a point of view of the opportunities and with the goal of calculating the risks and guaranteeing clients a realistic growth and expansion plan.

04 Property Search and Valuation

In order to identify and select the property best suited to the client’s business and purposes, we request or obtain the technical and commercial documentation for the premises.

05 Commercial Support

In order to guarantee support to clients throughout all negotiation phases, above all as regards contracts and paperwork, right through to attainment of the set goal.