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GCDS: the digital brand favoured by Millennials opens up in Rome with Josas

22 February 2021

Italian fashion is reborn, and it speaks the language of Millennials. Milan-based brand GCDS, from Giuliano and Giordano Calza, is finally opening a sales outlet in Rome.

It offers a style which is irreverent yet closely linked to Italian traditions. Two brothers who decided to shake up the fashion system by introducing fun and innovation. GCDS (“God Cannot Destroy Streetwear”) – the Italian fashion house founded in Milan in 2015 by Giuliano and Giordano Calza – is all this.

Over the last five years, the company has achieved enormous public and critical success, riding the streetwear wave and producing exclusive clothing which combines 100% Italian quality with an innovative and contemporary style.

Giuliano is the brand’s creative manager, while Giordano is the CEO of the company.

The history of GCDS

Founded on the basis of a good idea by two young entrepreneurs, GCDS has managed to create a place for itself as one of the most relevant brands in the international streetwear panorama. Born as a digital brand, its strategy has always focused both on the potential of online sales and the expansion of its retail network, with the opening of stores which offer an exclusive purchasing experience and which are able to consolidate brand awareness.

The first items created by the brand were hoodies with the GCDS logo. The success of this initial product run was as big as it was unexpected: they immediately gained the attention of young people and influencers, above all thanks their carefree style and colours which tip their hat to Millennial sensibilities. In the wake of this success, the company began producing other items of streetwear which literally flew off the shelves.

The brand is entirely manufactured in Italy, too, with the shoes and accessories produced in the south of the country, while the woollen, jersey and cotton items are made in the Lombardy region.

It is an innovative brand which does not let difficulties get it down. GCDS demonstrated all its resilience and responsiveness back in September at Milano Fashion Week.

The brand, indeed, was able to put on an entirely virtual fashion show. It brought together fashion and technology, transforming guests and models into avatars and creating a virtual fashion world with enormous visual impact.

GCDS aims for 100 million in turnover

The latest news for this company which never ceases to amaze regards its turnover, or rather a new goal announced at the beginning of 2021. Increase GCDS’ turnover more than 500% in three years, from the current 17 million.

It is an extremely ambitious goal, made possible thanks in part to the creative flair of Giuliano Calza, who many consider to be a new Gianni Versace. This includes Alessandro Binello, CEO of Quadrivio group, the company which recently purchased a majority share of the brand through the Made in Italy fund vehicle.

The new plan for GCDS will allow it to achieve extremely ambitious goals, from e-commerce right through to a potential market listing, making use of the experience of manager Patrizio di Marco, previously CEO of Gucci and Bottega Veneta. A change of team is therefore also being planned, however the company will always be under the control of Giordano and Giuliano Calza, with a cross-cutting role for Patrizio di Marco.

The new opening in the heart of Rome

Born, as we previously mentioned, as a digital brand, GCDS has never hidden its desire to explore the offline world as well, particularly as regards the possibility to open physical sales outlets.

After stores in Milan and Florence, the brand is finally opening its doors in Rome, with its new sales outlet on Via del Babuino 41a. The recently inaugurated store is fruit of the partnership between GCDS and the team at Josas, which identified the ideal location, right in the historic centre of the city but in a strategic location away from the typical Roman traffic and chaos. Just a short walk from the capital’s major points of interest, and with a highly recognisable style, the store is located in one of the best-known shopping streets in Rome, underscoring the exclusivity of the brand which combines luxury and streetwear characteristics.

But the new opening in Rome is not the only one! Back in November, another interesting sales outlet was also opened in Shanghai. But this is not the last in the scheduled openings planned by the Calza brothers’ brand, which aims to open its doors in New York City, as well as a series of other outlets in China.

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