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The luxurious fragrances of Creed 1760 win over Via del Babuino in Rome

29 October 2020

Rome’s luxury shopping street Via del Babuino has a new fragrance: the perfume house Creed 1760 has inaugurated its first store in the Italian capital

After the opening of its first Italian flagship store in Milan in 2014, Creed 1760 is inaugurating its new boutique on Via del Babuino in Rome.

Creed 1760 has an ancient yet little-known story: it was founded by Henry Creed in England in 1760 to supply the British royal family with tailored clothing, perfumed leather gloves and custom fragrances.

The creative flair of its founder soon allowed Creed to win over many of the royal houses of Europe, and led Creed to move to Paris at the request of Empress Eugenie of France, wife of Napoleon III.

“To create highly original fragrances of extravagant quality” has always been Creed’s mission: passed down through the generations, today the company sets itself apart through the production of a high-class product aimed primarily at a high-end target.

But that’s not all. Of all the French perfume houses, Creed is known for its use of the highest percentage of natural ingredients, processed manually in accordance with ancient traditions for the selection and creation of its fragrances.


The choice of location

As with the past collaboration for the Creed 1760 store in the high-class shopping district Quadrilatero della Moda in Milan, Josas managed the identification and selection of the location, in keeping with the company’s brand identity: the Creed Boutique is located on Via del Babuino 179/a, the Italian capital’s central luxury street which connects Piazza di Spagna to Via del Corso.

creed 1760 nuovo store roma


To celebrate the opening of the new Rome store on Via del Babuino 179/a, the company made a short film starring Ana Caterina Morariu and directed by Alessandro Angelini.

ESSENZA – Creed Boutique Roma – produced by Calé from silvio diego levi on Vimeo.



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