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Ami Poké opens its third outlet in Rome with Josas

29 September 2020

Third Rome location opened by Ami Poké, the first Hawaiian bar in Italy which has introduced some surf favourites to Italians

Josas continues with its streak of successes, this time with Rome’s favourite Hawaiian bar, Ami Poké. “The guys who brought poké to Rome” have, indeed, just inaugurated their third location, this time opening their doors in the district symbolic of northern Rome, more specifically on Corso Trieste. After Rione Monti and Ponte Milvio, this time it is the turn of another strategic area frequented by young workers and university students.

Ami Poké was founded in 2018, when Alessandro De Crescenzo opened his first bar in the heart of Rione Monti. It was the first Hawaiian bar in Italy, and the first poké bar in Rome. The menu is designed to bring the Hawaiian tradition of poké to Italy. Poké literally means “cut into cubes”: it is a salad made from cubes of raw fish marinated and dressed with different ingredients and sauces, usually based on soy sauce and sesame oil. It is a delicacy for your palate – and your social media account! These dishes are highly customisable and photo-worthy, exactly the sort of thing that young people like to share on their social network feeds.

This is why its online success was so quick in coming. It didn’t take long to pique the curiosity of the Roman public, and for the lines outside the Monti location to grow. It is a new trend which has so far stood the test of time, demonstrating how, with high-quality ingredients and good communication, winning over foodies is not so difficult.

In addition to poké, it also serves buns, cold drinks, natural extracts and fresh pressed juices. All accompanied by an innovative format and full West-Coast decor.

The new Ami Poké location

The new Ami Poké location opened on 28 September in the heart of the Trieste district. Fronting onto Piazza Istria, an area frequented by many young people, the Hawaiian bar is located in the centre of a lively and interesting zone, full of shops, bars and restaurants of all kinds, as well as offering strong transport links, with the metro line B stop Sant’Agnese-Annibaliano right next door, as well as bus lines.

It is a strategic position which is attractive not only to the inhabitants of the area, but also to all the high school and university students studying there. Piazza Istria is, indeed, the favourite meeting spot for the younger generations, and we are sure that the new location will win a space in their hearts.

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