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Our new website is launched: a new face to look towards the future

29 November 2021

The recent health crisis has made a word which has always been very important to Josas – innovation – even more meaningful. Now more than ever, it is important to accelerate the digitalisation processes for businesses who are called to respond to a decisive challenge: looking towards the future, but with different eyes, trying to (re)build their identity through new tools and different approaches.

The goal, however, remains the same: guaranteeing clients the professionalism, experience and support required to give them back the same trust they have placed in us.

Our new website

It is precisely to respond to this need for change, to do our part in the current revolution involving people, processes and tools, that Josas has decided to “change clothes”. Our company – a point of reference for brands, companies and asset owners across Italy and abroad – has, indeed, launched a new website with a completely new graphic design, which aims to guide users through all of our specialisations, services and expertise.

The 3D animations, as well as the text style which is reminiscent of programming language, have a very clear goal: to communicate to the public that behind all of our operations there is very specific programming which takes into account all the factors that make a business a success.

Faced with the new challenges to the market and society at large, the new trends and sectors which are currently tracing out their form and identity, we will not be resilient: resilience is the capacity of a material to absorb impacts but remain identical; we, on the other hand, wish to both absorb the current transformations and benefit from them, and to start back along the path of innovation with a different pace, able to interpret the new languages of business and people.

If your success is our value, our growth is also yours.

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