Streetwear in via del Gambero: a new Black Box shop opened

Black box Via del Gambero

Streetwear in via del Gambero: a new Black Box shop opened

Urban Jungle opened yesterday night, 18 October 2018, the new store in Via del Gambero, Rome, identified with the advice of Josas.


The Black Box store concept is thought to have a cool expo format, a unique and sophisticated image, where sports collections meet the streewear, in an extremely elegant location, between Via Frattina and Piazza San Silvestro, detaching itself from the more mass market brands of Via del Corso.

The new store is the perfect space for all consumers looking for innovative and exclusive products, belonging to the world of street culture and sport, limited edition and rare sneakers, trendy accessories and collaborations with artists of the major international brands.


Urban Jungle is a trademark of Time Sport International Ltd, a company operating since 1985 in partnership with the leading brands of streetwear. The brand opened its first store in Malta over a decade ago and set its expansion to Italy, Spain and across North Africa. To date there are +40 stores with more new stores in the pipeline over the next few months.


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