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BURGEZ: Josas brings the dirtiest hamburger in Milan to Rome

28 July 2020

High-quality hamburgers and outside-the-box communications: these are the ingredients of Burgez. The Italian fast-food chain has just opened its doors in Rome, promising to win over the hearts (and stomachs) of all the capital’s foodies.

A new success story is arriving in the Italian capital thanks again to Josas. We are talking about Burgez, the high-quality fast-food chain which, after conquering Milan and Turin, is ready to invade Rome with its menu, irreverence and its viral posts. Founded on the back of the vision of Simone Ciaruffoli, Burgez has made irony its USP, attracting a customer base made up not only of foodies, but also of marketing and communication fans.

Founded in 2016, Burgez offers a high-quality alternative to the traditional US food chains, with an expert mix of ingredients of various provenances: the meat, for example, is 100% Italian, while the buns are shipped from America. And of course it wouldn’t be a hamburger meal without fries, and the sauces are made in-house according to a secret recipe.

New Burgez opening in Rome: the location

The new restaurant has recently been opened in Rione Monti, more specifically on Via Leonina 82, just a short walk from the main square and surrounded by all those famous bars, shops and restaurants which have made the district famous. Burgez immediately attracted large crowds eager to try “the dirtiest hamburger in Milan” (this was one of the many provocative taglines created by Burgez’s communications team).

A strategic position, just a few minutes from the historic centre and in one of the most symbolic quarters of the capital. Monti, indeed, is not just an historic district, but today is also at the centre of Rome’s high-quality night-life: shops, vintage stores and art galleries mix with restaurants, bars and wine bars to offer the Italian and international public a mixture of unforgettable experiences. It is a fascinating and lively world, capable of satisfying any and all requirements.

And so, after winning over Milan, Turin and Rome (where new openings are planned), many are demanding a Burgez location in their city. It is an original, outside-the-box phenomenon, which is even able to attract fans and customers before the inauguration. Burgez indeed aims to create a concept which goes beyond the bun, aiming to become a pop phenomenon and generate engagement.

We are talking about lovemarks more than buns, with the brand receiving more attention than the menu, and the strategy is working out very well for the bottom line! So, stay tuned, because the surprises – we’re sure – haven’t finished yet…

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