We increase your brand’s performance and assist in every phase of development
Josas facilitates brand expansion in italy and across europe. Our understanding of real estate trends allows us to foresee market conditions while respecting each brand’s investment strategy and balancing risks and returns in each stage of the real estate cycle.
Josas per le aziende

The Josas method

We take a global approach to real estate based on decades of experience and a unique customized method that follows 5 essential steps.


Client analysis aimed at understanding strategic brand positioning


Market analysis of the chosen product sector that identifies competitors, how they operate, their positioning and results.


Traffic flow analysis and user base identification. Technical and economic feasibility studies.


Research and evaluation of the real estate market, finding and/or creating the necessary technical documentation.


Commercial assistance throughout the real estate cycle, from first contact to final contract.

Want to increase the performance of your brand?

Josas helps clients develop the real estate potential of their brand, ensuring efficiency through planned and measurable actions:


  • we evaluate existing brand networks;
  • we create customized development programs, aimed at strengthening assets and identifying new high profitability points of sale;
  • we map concrete opportunities within the chosen territory;
  • we plan brand expansion in existing and new commercial developments;
  • we offer repositioning services for companies that have reached initial critical mass, including the disposal of non-strategic points of sale and the opening of new and improved facilities;
  • we provide support in the renewal or renegotiation of existing contracts, the termination of leases and manage brokerage transactions until closure.
Want to grow your brand's distribution network? Searching for real estate in the best Italian and European locations?

Support, flexibility and speed are what distinguish Josas and allow us to provide complete strategic consulting for brand development:


  • our unique market analysis allows us to understand the detailed flows of each commercial circuit and evaluate interaction with competing retail centers. That’s why major brands choose Josas to guide and support their development program;
  • we analyze the supply, demand and positioning of each brand;
  • we conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys, in order to understand the market, potential customers and identify optimal locations;
  • we select prime sites in historical centers, shopping districts, commercial parks, factory outlets, train stations and airports;
  • we develop retail projects – direct or franchised – providing benchmark analysis, feasibility studies and brand real estate development planning;
  • we handle all technical and administrative details, providing total assistance on contracts;
  • we manage sale and lease negotiations on behalf of brands.
Have a store and want to change premises or revise the lease?

Josas helps identify the best conditions for running your business:


  • we constantly monitor, at local and global levels, commercial structures, urban centers and the overall real estate market;
  • we analyze location and store ergonomics in relation to product sector;
  • we calculate the benefits from renegotiation, relocation, leasing and/or sale;
  • we identify potential upgrades related to multiple operations: from reduction of store space to location transfer;
  • we support owners during the renewal or renegotiation of existing contracts and the negotiation of new leases until transactions are closed;
  • we provide crucial data regarding the sales space: development objectives, signage positioning, size suitability for the activity performed, target and type of customers, reachability, window displays, purchasing routes, and affinity or interference with competitors or products.
Want to dispose of a brand selling point?

Josas identifies the optimal conditions for the disposal of stores:


  • an unparalleled database and long term client relationships allows us to identify companies that may be interested in your business premises;
  • we organize and manage store inspections;
  • we obtain all technical documentation;
  • we arrange advantageous terms for both parties and manage contract negotiations until settlement.