Christmas esploition in Rome. In the city center more pedestrians for Mr. Christmas-mania

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Christmas esploition in Rome. In the city center more pedestrians for Mr. Christmas-mania

The center of Rome has been stormed for Christmas shopping! Like every year, two weeks before 25 December, the Romans and tourists are looking for gifts to put under the tree. Luckily the Campidoglio’s manoeuvre is coming, which had drawn up a plan to facilitate the movement of pedestrians in the shopping streets of the center.

The strategic interventions in the city center are in place from 8 December to 9 January and provide the strengthening of all public transportation, the establishment of a circular shuttle and the extension of the ZTL until 19:00. The retailers of the center will see an exponential increase of the customers flow during the holidays of 2018!

While the center lights up, Mr. Christmas is conquering Rome with two important openings: inside the charming Alberto Sordi Gallery and, from August, in Via del Corso 407.Finally its time has come and, in full respect of tradition, Mr. Christmas offers custom decorations to make each gadget unique and collectible, while maintaining an affordable price. The formula close to the low budget needs of the general public has made the fortune of the creators of this brand, which is also having a great success online, where many gadgets are already sold out!

We took care of the procedure for the opening of Mr. Christmas store in Via del Corso (click here to read the article), a collaboration that has captured us thanks to the brand’s young group, extremely active and with a promising future.

Part of Mr. Christmas’s success derives not only from the brilliant idea of an international business, but also from the wise choice of the two locations in the City center, both strategic and well positioned. The one in Via del Corso is a walk away from the architectural jewel of Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina and the famous Via Frattina.

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