Chiancheria Gourmet brings to Rome the gastronomic excellence of Campania


Chiancheria Gourmet brings to Rome the gastronomic excellence of Campania

The Chiancheria Gourmet lands in Rome bringing all the taste of the Neapolitan butcher shop. It was inaugurated on 8 February in Via Ostiense 52 and the location was chosen with the advice of Josas Immobiliare.

Salvio Passariello, Marco Passariello and Pasquale Muccio had the brilliant idea of bringing the delicacies of the butcher’s shop in Rome. The three experts of taste, with the advice of Josas, have identified a strategic location, perfectly located in the Ostiense district.  The neighborhood in recent years has seen an urban redevelopment and a food and wine repositioning unparalleled in the capital. A real oasis of culinary ferment with many trendy places that attract customers from all over Rome.

The brand “Chianchieria Gourmet” was born in Naples, where chianchiere is the butcher. The format is structured as an entrepreneurial reality without intermediaries, where the meat of first choice comes directly from local producers, to give rise to something that is much more than a classic hamburgery. Here we find gastronomic proposals of excellence, with attentiion to the quality and price for each.

In the Chianchieria in Rome are presented top level products for burgers and meat specialties, accompanied also by typical flavors of Campania such as the “timballo” of pasta and annurche apple cakes, all served with selected handcrafted beers and an extended wine list.

Like other strong emerging brands (read the article “Mr. Christmas”) Chianchieria has chosen to rely on Josas immobiliare, as a specialist in retail with a global approach, based on a proprietary method composed of five steps, tailored on the companies needs. The agency boasts numerous successes achieved thanks to a transversal consulting approach in each product sector, a selected database of contacts and real estate opportunities, as well as the orientation to the creation of value for the client in the long term.

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